Year-Round-Photography – Sample

It’s autumn. There’s definitely a nip in the air and before you know it Halloween will be here.  For volume photographers, the Fall and Spring seasons are the biggest of the year, and you have to make the money while demand is high.

The BIG MONEY promotions you could be shooting this month include School Photos, Youth Sports, Contract Seniors and Church Directory programs. Of course, these would need to have been booked months ago to now make the money.

Other promotions you could be shooting this month include the following:  Childcare Centers and Preschools, Fall Martial Arts programs and High School Homecoming Dances. While these promotions can supplement your cash flow, unfortunately they have much less revenue potential than the BIG MONEY promotions listed above.

A BIG caution: Avoid Halloween-theme portrait promotions. Photos of kids in Halloween costumes have never been big sellers (who wants to put THAT one on the Wall?) and even less so when Moms have 12 megapixel smart phones to take their own spontaneous candid shots.

Are you ready to put on your Sales and Marketing hat for October?  It’s time to book the new business you’ll be photographing in the months to come.  Here are just some of the types of photography business that traditionally book in this time frame.  Contacting them NOW will greatly increase your chances of catching them at the right time BEFORE they re-book with the same photographer as last year.

  • School Portrait Programs for next year. This is the best time of the year to do your prospecting.  Look for schools where your competition hasn’t performed well this Fall, which increases the chances that the School will be seeking an alternative vendor next year.
  • Church Directory Portrait programs for this Winter and next Spring. If you have good Family portraiture skills, this is an excellent promotion to offer both pre & post the Holidays. It doesn’t require much lead-time to set up the shoot and the sales averages are good. Best of all, there’s little competition for the business.
  • Corporate Parties for the upcoming Holiday Season. Many will hire a photographer to do Couples’ shots, group and candid photos, and “grip-and-grin” shots of award presentations. Onsite printing may be an expectation, but don’t forget to post the images online as well for additional sales to the Couples attending.
  • Santa promotions with Childcare Centers, Preschools and Community Groups.  There’s still time to hire a Santa and book on-location programs.  Parents will appreciate getting the annual Santa photo taken at a convenient Sponsor’s location rather than waiting in a long line at the local shopping Mall.
  • Boy / Girl Scout Group and Individual portraits to be taken in the Winter months. This is another underserved Photography market where you could quickly become the preferred provider in your area of Troop Group Photos and Individual portraits of Scouts in uniform.  In most cases there’s little or no competition for the business.
  • High School ROTC Wall-Composite Programs to be taken in the Winter months. High Schools typically form their ROTC groups in the Fall, and do their Portraits in the Winter months. From these, the traditional Wall Composite needs to be produced for the Unit, with additional sales of individual Cadet portraits to Family members.

It’s critically important that you begin to fill your business pipeline with accounts to photograph after the December rush.  Priority should be given to setting up accounts for photography in January and February of the New Year.  This is traditionally one of the slowest periods of the year, and one where a cash-flow boost at this time will be much appreciated.  This will only happen if you book the business NOW to reap the profits from at that time.

Marketing materials templates for the promotions above are available with your subscription to Big Money University.  Plus, each month, you’ll get not only a detailed look at what is Shooting and what is Booking that month, but you’ll also get a video and digital guide to help you understand what you should be out doing to grow your business.  What are you waiting for?   Come on over and check us out on campus. Use to sign up.

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