Should you become a V.I.P?

Why you should become a V.I.P.  (Volume Imaging Professional) –  Part 1:

We all know that the Wedding and Studio portrait business is much more challenging than it was even ten years ago.  Many established studios have seen declining revenues and an unprecedented increase in local competition.  While some Studios with a proactive marketing program continue to thrive, many are feeling challenged by today’s photography business environment.

If it’s time to consider what you can do in Photography to earn a good FULL-TIME income to support your family and secure your financial future, maybe it’s time to RADICALLY change what you’re doing. Maybe it’s time to think outside of the box, push your comfort zone and try something NEW.

Did you know that photographers who also shoot VOLUME portrait and event photography promotions make some of the BEST money in the business and often enjoy a very enviable lifestyle?

For example, let’s take those who are successful doing school portrait photography.  There are typically two busy seasons; August through November and March through May. The rest of the year is much slower providing lots of time for recreation and family travel. As a provider of school photography services, you rarely work on weekends, get long breaks for the holidays, spring break and at least a month off for summer vacation. You start work early in the morning, but are often done by early afternoon allowing a lot of family time. Best of all, you can make a LOT of money per hour.

We can tell you much the same thing about other types of VOLUME photography promotions for youth sports leagues, church and country club directories, dance schools, preschools, publishing and many more VOLUME photography promotions. Many of these programs can be integrated with your Studio marketing plan and use your current studio facilities.

However, if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar studio, many VOLUME promotions don’t require one as you can take your studio on-site and on location and make LOTS of money. Plus, by working through a sponsoring group or organization, they provide you with access to many more potential clients for your core Studio business; often at a lower client acquisition cost per session than your current marketing. It makes great business sense!

The volume-based promotional photography markets also seem to have withstood recent economic challenges much better than other types of “discretionary” photography. Even if Mom decides to put off that “boutique” portrait session, she probably won’t miss ordering portraits taken at daycare, school, church or for sports team picture day. It’s a recession-resistant business model.

If you are worried that pursuing the VOLUME photography market might impact your local reputation as an “upscale” provider of imaging, please consider this. 1) Try starting a “division” of your current studio, maybe under a different name. Establish a different brand where you can promote yourself differently in this new market space. 2) Ultimately, if your high-end clients aren’t paying the bills anymore, don’t you owe it to yourself to try something different?

Another concern might be about large, transient photography competitors.  You might be thinking… “How can I compete against large national and regional companies that come into my area?” The good news is that YOU CAN!  Many of these accounts would rather BUY LOCAL than use out-of-town companies. They prefer HOMETOWN service to impersonal, one-size-fits-all transient providers. Often, the problem is that LOCAL photographers don’t approach them about their business, nor do local photographers know what their customer expectations are and how to service them. You might need some education to be a player in these markets, and this book provides your first step!

In reality, for a number of reasons there’s probably LESS competition for this type of photography business than in the traditional studio/wedding portrait segment. It requires some specialized skills to offer these programs, so it’s much more difficult for an amateur “shutterbug” to do them. Many times, the sheer VOLUME of the opportunity scares away would-be local competitors. Many couldn’t fathom how they’d ever photograph 500 Little Leaguers in a day and do the required production work. The fact is, this can be done very efficiently with the right equipment, software and know-how. You just have to do your homework and get the training in best practices to acquire, photograph and service the Clients. This site is the portal to your first steps in making BIG MONEY with Volume Photography Promotions.  If you’re ready to get started or just want to check it all out, head over to and see what we have set up for you on our campus in Big Money University.


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