Photo Studios Have Changed

It’s not Your Father’s Photo Studio – or your Mom’s for that matter.  The photographic industry has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and no where is this more evident than in the professional photographic studio business.  A more casual society, the advent of good quality cameras being incorporated in smart phones, and the multitude of printing options now available directly to consumers have shifted the need for a professional photographer away from many family portrait events.   Whereas family groups were typically only photographed during formal portrait events at weddings or portrait sessions families today are photographed in part or entirety almost daily.  While the nature of the photos is casual it is nevertheless removing the need for an updated family portrait to preserve a memory.

Prior to the recent revolution, retail consumers did not have many direct print options other than those they could purchase from a professional studio.  They could not access canvas wrapped prints, press photo books, or novelty products unless they enlisted professional help.  Now, millions of consumers log on to their Shutterfly, Snapfish, or other photo site and away they go.  Good quality products are delivered directly to their door in a couple of days and they never had to leave the house!

Fortunately, for the photographer,  there is a segment of the photo industry that is much more resistant to this incursion from the influx of pocket cameras and casual snapshots.  Parents may be able to snap photos of their player from the sideline of a sports game, or at the church presentation, but they are unable to take photos for their child’s yearbook photo.  This event requires much more organization and management than parents or even pseudo-professionals can muster.  Handling hundreds of students, the administrative staff of the school, and being done with pictures before lunch are elements of school photography that take some specialized training.

Even volume sports photography can help you differentiate yourself from the casual photo-takers by handling large sports leagues.  While a PhotoMom (a.k.a. Mamarazzi) may be able to take a team or two, most are unable to take photos for a league of 300 to a 1,000 in a speedy and accurate way.  It is critical to communicate clearly with the league, coaches, and parents what your process is and how you’re going to take care of them.

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