Crowded Field

It’s no secret that thousands of Psuedo-photographers have entered the marketplace in the last few years. Anyone that got a nice camera for their birthday can Google “Photography” and “become a professional.” However, one thing they don’t know, is how to effectively handle High Volume Photography jobs with speed, and accuracy.  The photographer that takes 6 to 7 weeks to photograph all of the teams on a Baseball league and another 6 to 7 weeks to deliver them can no longer compete against an educated and effective Volume Photographer.

Schools expect a smooth and easy process when working with a photographer’s staff.  In addition, they want to know that they won’t be fielding questions from parents such as “Where are my pictures?” or “When will pictures be ready?”  Most studio photographers or more certainly, street photographers are not organized in a way in which they can avoid such issues with a large school.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, there were approximately 53,000 “professional” photographers in America in 2015.  The PPA has done numerous studies with their members showing the various breakdown statistics including sales, income, hours worked, training, etc.  Their basic summary findings are that Photographers struggle to find adequate income which would allow them to have their desired level of quality time with friends and family.  They either work long hours to meet the financial requirements or settle for a lower income in order to spend time at home.

Volume Photography allows photographers a quicker, more stable path to accomplish both of these goals.

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