Add $50k to your bottom line this year with the TOP 10 High Volume Photography Promotions – Part 2.

So… Let’s put it all together and add over $120,000 in Sales and $50,000 PROFIT for the coming year! Let’s presume you are SERIOUS about making lots more money, and willing to put in the work it takes to make it happen.  We’ve provided a mini-sales plan and spreadsheet below predicated on booking average-size accounts in your local (or regional) area. This can be accomplished in 12-18 months and can add $50,000 to your bottom line within that time. Of course, your results can vary.  You can also make much more than this!

If your potential accounts have more or less volume to photograph or buyer participation than what is shown on the chart, you’ll need to adjust the outcomes you might expect accordingly.  Of course, if you can book more of one kind of business than another, this may offset any shortfall from the lesser promotion.  Here’s the sales plan:

  • Book an Elementary School of about 500 students (approx. 400 buyers there) Offer Fall & Spring portrait programs, classroom groups or composite photos, KinderGrad program and publish their yearbook. Of course, if you don’t get a school this big, go for two or three smaller ones totaling 500 students.


  • Book 1 Youth Sports league representing each of the following sports: Baseball / Softball, Soccer, Football and Basketball. Total of participant / buyers for all sports is projected at 1500.  As many players are involved in multiple sports, it may take less population to support this projection.


  • Book 1-2 Childcare Centers / Preschools achieving a total of 150 buyers. This could be one large center, or 2-3 smaller ones, depending on the norm in your area.  Offer both Fall and Spring programs, and a Preschool Grads program as well.


  • Book 1-2 Church or Country Club Directory programs achieving 150 buyers each. Depending on the sizes of Churches and Country Clubs in your area, it’s possible to achieve this total with only one account.


  • Book an average-size Dance School of 100 students. Because each student can be involved in more than one dance class, there’s a multiplier effect on sales and profits.


  • Book 1 Martial Arts School, 1 Gymnastics Center and 1 Cheer Academy; each achieving about 100 buyers. If your city does not have one of each, book an account in a surrounding town that does.  You can also double-up on one type of account if another isn’t available.


  • Book Publishing Accounts totaling at least 400 books sold over the span of a year. This can be from Memory Books, Sports Roster Books, Dance School Programs, Reunion Books, etc. This is an extremely conservative projection. You could do much more.


  • Book 2 Family Portrait Fundraising Programs achieving at least 100 sessions. An average estimate is that 10-20% of the potential families will participate, depending on the enthusiasm of the group sponsoring it.


  • Book 1-2 Membership / Customer Appreciation Programs achieving a total of 100 sessions. Participation may depend heavily on the age demographic of the Members / Clients, but a minimum 15-20% participation rate is very realistic.

We hope you agree that these sales & marketing objectives are very reasonable and attainable; and in some cases highly conservative.  Your marketing efforts at reaching these prospects, and your sales talent in closing the deals will determine your success.

The spreadsheet below indicates how it all comes together to help you reach your initial starting goal of an extra $50,000 in annual bottom-line income for you. You will note that we’ve shown the optimal times of the year to approach buyers and close sales, as well as the optimal time of the year to photograph each program; indicating the necessary lead-time for best results.

Use the accounts you get as the first year of a three year business development plan to ultimately “fill the pipeline” with as much business as you can handle. Ideally, by the end of the third year you’ll have  enough repeat business to be scheduled out a full year in advance.

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