The TOP FIVE New Year’s resolutions you can (and should) keep!

With every new year we tend to not only reflect upon what we accomplished from last year (or not) but what we’re going to do in the coming year to make it the best – ever. Regardless of any disappointing trends you’re experiencing from the traditional Studio Portrait-Wedding side of the business, you CAN leverage high volume promotions to exponentially grow your business this year.

Here are the most important resolutions you can make (and follow) this year that are PROVEN to help build business success.

  1. Make at least 3 face-to-face contacts a week with prospects in your area. Go to them.  Don’t make them come to you.  It lets them know you really want the business, and respect their time.  Meet them at a coffee shop, take them to breakfast, or meet at their office. This helps start business relationships off on a positive note.


  1. Expand your geographic market. You’re a high-volume photographer who’s mobile. Have camera – will travel!  Business can be booked not only in your local area, but outside your county and into the region. In fact, I bet there are underserved areas you can market to where there’s less competition.  Don’t be afraid to reach out.


  1. Have confidence in yourself. Prospects can sense when you seem to lack confidence in what you are trying to communicate. Be in-control, ask good questions and practice your answers to common objections. Practice your pitch, over and over in front of a mirror until it’s fluid and conversational – not preachy. The more confidence (but NOT arrogance) you project to your prospect client, the more confident they will be in hiring you.


  1. Don’t get discouraged when you hear the word “No.” Sales is often a numbers game. The more presentations you make, the more skilled your presentations will become, and the more business you will book.  I’ve found that the average close rate for most high-volume photographers is one-in-five (20%).  What’s possible?  My close rate is close to 80%, but it wasn’t always that good. It took lots of unsuccessful attempts to build the selling skills and the proper message needed to consistently book more business. Practice makes perfect!


  1. Build the best prospect database you can. It’s a bit tedious to do initially, but once you have it, it will help you facilitate communications to prospect clients by email, phone and direct mail. For example, you can write sales emails and quickly broadcast them all over the area. I do this often and occasionally get almost instantaneous replies from prospects. The key is having a good database to work (and re-work) with updates and additions as needed. Need a tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Even MS EXCEL can be used to manage your database, and you probably already have it on your computer.

Start this year off right by making it your New Years’ resolution to make more money and build a more successful business this year.  These TOP FIVE resolutions will help you get started off RIGHT!   Need some extra help and encouragement to make sure you keep your resolutions?   Come join us at BigMoneyUniversity – an online community specifically designed for Volume Photographers – no matter what your skill level.


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